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Commercial Liability Insurance

Even in the safest work environments, accidents can and do occur. Furthermore, they happen when you least expect it. Are you prepared to compensate someone who has suffered an injury or property damage on your premises? More importantly, could your business survive such a disaster? These are the questions that we help business owners answer every day.

Florida Insurance Agency offers commercial liability insurance that covers property damage, bodily injury, personal injury or other liabilities that occur on your commercial property. We can help you assess your risks, find the right provider and get you the appropriate insurance plan based on your business needs.

Determining Your Insurance Needs

One of the most common mistakes that business owners make is getting too much or too little insurance. Furthermore, they may not get the right insurance. Florida Insurance Agency can evaluate your insurance needs and make recommendations on the amount of coverage you need based on liability risk.

Common risks associated with most businesses include:

  • Personal or bodily injury
  • Property Damage to Others
  • Product recalls or defects
  • Sexual harassment or discrimination
  • The cost of legal representation in a claim or lawsuit

There are several reasons why you need to cover commercial or professional liability insurance. For instance, if you operate a store, office or building that is accessible by clients, vendors or the public, you should consider purchasing liability insurance. You may also need coverage if you work on client property, advertise your business or promote your business online.

How We Help You Get Insurance Coverage

Protecting your company against injury or damage claims is vital for its survival. Companies that shut down due to lawsuits often do so because no one in the company believed that an incident would happen to them. Florida Insurance Agency is here to help you mitigate your financial risks and provide stability so that you can weather any disaster.

There are several ways that we can help you get the right coverage:

Assess Your Needs

We can help you assess the type of coverage you need based on the risk of injury or property damage associated with your business. Our goal is to get you the right amount of coverage to avoid disruption in your business.

Find the Right Provider

With all the insurance providers in Florida, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Florida Insurance Agency takes the guesswork out of searching for insurance companies. We partner with reputable providers to get you the coverage you can rely on without blowing your budget.

Go Over Your Options

How much insurance do you need? Will it cover all the bases? What options are available? We answer your questions so that you can make an informed decision on your insurance plan.

Monitor & Adjust Your Policy Accordingly

At Florida Insurance Agency, we do not just sell insurance. We build long-term partnerships by being there at every point in your company’s development. We consistently monitor the market and weigh the most current products against your insurance needs.

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Why You Need Commercial Liability Insurance

The consequences of someone getting hurt on your property are far-reaching. If you do not have insurance, compensation for economic and noneconomic damages could be so high that it destroys your business financially. Furthermore, the victim may file a lawsuit, which could tie you up in litigation for months or years.

Not having insurance to cover an incident can also destroy your company’s reputation if the incident goes public. People will not do business with a company they cannot trust. Having commercial liability insurance does not solve problems or mitigate all risks. However, it does demonstrate that you care about the people and property of your company. That goes a long way in promoting your public image.

General Liability Insurance from Florida Insurance Agency

When you need to find insurance for your business, Florida Insurance Agency can help you with the process and answer your questions. To find out more about your commercial liability insurance options in Northwest Florida, call us at 850-994-9211.

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