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Do you need to insure your Pensacola home? Whether you own a house, condo or apartment in the Florida Panhandle, Florida Insurance Agency can help you protect it. Since 1993, our experienced insurance agents have been helping local homeowners find affordable coverage for their homes and belongings. We work with multiple top-rated insurance carriers to provide customized policies to our clients, and in addition to standard coverage options, we have special options available to accommodate homeowners with unique insurance needs.

Standard Homeowners Insurance

First-time homebuyers and established homeowners in Pace and Pensacola need affordable insurance that will assist in the recovery process should a fire, natural disaster, crime, or other tragedy damage or destroy your home. Standard homeowners insurance includes

Dwelling coverage to pay for restoration of your home following a covered disaster
Belongings coverage to help replace personal items lost, destroyed or stolen in a covered event
Additional living expenses to provide shelter for you and your family while your home is being repaired following a covered disaster
Medical expenses coverage to pay for medical treatment if a guest is injured in your home
Personal liability insurance to protect your assets in the event that you or a member of your household is held liable for injury or damages to another person or their property

Other Coverage Options

Even standard homeowners policies from Florida Insurance Agency come with options. You can choose deductible amounts and set limits for your policy. When you need additional or specialized home insurance options, you can turn to us for

  • Scheduled personal property protection to insure antiques, musical instruments, expensive sports equipment, collectibles and other valuables
  • Vacant home coverage to insure a home you own but do not live in
    Rental dwelling insurance to cover rental properties you own
  • Seasonal home insurance to meet the special needs of those with vacation homes or multiple residences

You can learn more about affordable, local homeowners insurance by filling out the free online quote form today. To speak with Pace or Pensacola insurance professional, call our local office during business hours. We look forward to helping you protect the things that matter most.

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